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Location of the Cherokee Nation Before The European Settlements.

Richardson / Revey Family Reunion, 1953 at Sandhill, New Jersey

Isaac Revey Richardson, circa 1880.

Elizabeth Revey Richardson, circa 1875.



Tinton Falls Tax Records, 1772 - 1822.

St. Augustine's Episcopal Church, Asbury Park, NJ
Built By The Richardson Clan, 1890.


Emma D. Richardson, born around 1850 in Eatontown, NJ. At about the age of twenty-one Emma married Asa Crummel of New Egypt on July 8, 1867. The union produced two sons, Ryers and Rudy Crummel, the grandsons of Isaac and Elizabeth.

Asa Crummel and son, Ryers, circa 1875. Ryers became Chief of the Sandhill Band of the Cherokee Indians in Monmouth County.

The second child born to Isaac and Elizabeth was Isaac Whitfield Richardson (1851-1921). At age twenty-three Isaac married Jennie Gibson (1852-1931) on April 24, 1874 at the Methodist Church in Eatontown. The Reverend J. Lavelle was the minister.

Jennie Gibson was born in the South and sent to Tarrytown, New York, during the War Between the States. Jennie married Isaac W. Richardson.

Adeline married Julian George Thomas and produced Madeline, August and Allen Thomas. August married Marie Harris and produced six children: August Ernest, Madeline Hope, Claire Florence, Wayne Isaac, Fortune Harris and Marie Jean Thomas.

Robert Richardson married Eva and produced Fred, Isaac, and Florine Richardson.

The fourth child of Isaac and Elizabeth was Theodore B. Richardson, born July 20, 1853. He married Margaret Thorn and produced Theodore, Theodora, Rochelle, Richard and Charlotte Richardson. These were the grandchildren of Isaac and Elizabeth. Theodore made a comfortable living as a waiter in a large hotel and built a large ten-room Victorian style house on the top of Sand Hill.

The seventh child of Isaac and Elizabeth was Joseph S. Richardson, born April 22, 1865. Joseph married Anna Jackson and had eleven children: Emma, George, Leona, Isaac, Frederick, Christina, Ryers, Charlotte and Julian Russell Richardson.

At age twenty-five Restelle married thirty-year-old Johnson Revey of Little Silver on October 19, 1893 at Trinity Episcopal Church in Asbury Park.

James Revey, circa 1910, was one of two sons of Restelle and Johnson Revey.

The Richardson–Revey Clan Expands

Descendants of Isaac and Elizabeth Revey Richardson at Richardson Heights, Sand Hill, Neptune, New Jersey in 1953

Seated on lawn: Wayne Isaac Thomas, Robert Richardson

Seated on first step: Fred Nichols, Phil and Edmonia Brooks, Claire, Marie and Fortune Harris Thomas, Teddy and Albert Ashby, Micheal Ashby and Theodora Richardson Bell

Seated on second step: Flossie Nichols, Florine Richardson Evans, Jill Puryear, Gloria Richardson Puryear, June Puryear, Caroleann Ashby, Phylis Dickerson, Eugenia Richardson Vandeveer, Isaac Revey Richardson, Englemar Crummel, Jonathan Richardson, Annabell Richardson

Standing in rear: Julian Thomas, Fred Richardson, Eva Richardson, Ms. Lee, Lawrence Richardson, Marion Dickerson, Allan and Madeline Thomas, Charlotte and Rochelle Richardson, Christina Richardson Dickerson, Ryers Richardson, Julian Russell Richardson, Olive Richardson, Vivan Revey and Marguerite Bell


The English and Dutch settlers continued to purchase land near the Shrewsbury River from the Indians in defiance of Dutch authority, which had claimed most of New York and New Jersey. The area around Tinton Falls, called the Falls of Shrewsbury, changed ownership many times when special grants were made to the proprietors by the English king.

Properties were sold at auction because their owners were British sympathizers.


From left: James Revey, Isaac Richardson, Jonathan Richardson, Robert Richardson, Robert Revey, Ryers Crummell (sitting), circa 1945

Chief Ryers Crummell and Members of the Sandhill Band

The Richardson Family
Seated: Theodora Richardson, Edith Richardson Gardner, Christina Richardson Dickerson, Adeline Richardson Thomas, Restella Richardson, Charlotte Richardson Standing: James Revey, Jonathan Richardson, Isaac Revey Richardson, Chief Ryers Crummel, Robert Richardson, Robert Revey

Richardson Family Homestead
1113 Springwood Avenue
Richardson Heights
Neptune, NJ

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